Buffalo's Wright Gas Station

Here’s an article on Buffalo’s transportation Museum. A long-planned expansion to the museum will include a Frank Lloyd Wright-designed gas station that was designed but never built for the city.

>The authenticity of such projects is debated in architectural circles. Some critics consider them dubious at best, since Wright’s designs were site-specific and were often reworked on site.

“We love the controversy,” Sandoro said. “I think it’s a great discussion. A lot of the purists who were criticizing us and came in 2009 to the [Frank Lloyd] Wright Building Conservancy conference — we actually hosted a meeting here — turned it right around because we are putting it inside, and we’re able to explore it as a model of exactly what he was going to build at Michigan and Cherry. We’re never holding it out to anybody that he actually built it.”
Wright scholar and author Jack Quinan said he has grown less critical of the filling station because it will be an exhibit inside a museum.

“It gives us a chance to experience what Wright was only able to put on paper, but which was an idea. It gives Buffalo a claim to importance. This was his idea for servicing the automobile, and it happened here, in a way,” said Quinan, an art history professor at the University at Buffalo.
Still, Quinan said he remains uneasy about bringing Wright’s unrealized projects to life.

“There is a danger it could cheapen the real stuff,” he said.

Construction has yet to begin on the building that will house the gas station — that’s planned for next spring.