10 Buildings that Changed America

In 2013 PBS will broadcast “10 Buildings that Changed America”. The program has been created by WTTW Chicago. The writer and host is Geoffrey Baer, a twenty-year veteran of WTTW, writer of many documentaries about Chicago (including the excellent Chicago by ‘L’: Touring the Neighborhoods). Baer has been a docent for the Chicago Architectural Foundation since 1987 and is a board member on the Art Institute of Chicago’s Architecture and Design Society.

For Wright fans, three of the buildings are of interest: H.H. Richardson’s Trinity Church in Boston, Louis Sullivan’s Wainwright Building in St. Louis and Wright’s Robie House.

Aside from favoring Gehry’s Walt Disney Concert Hall over his far more interesting (and, when it was built, far more inventive) Center for the Visual Arts in Toledo, Ohio, the list is not too bad.