For Sale: Stephen Hunt House

The Stephen M. B. Hunt House in La Grange, Illinois is for sale, asking price $700,000.

Built in 1907, one of the classic Prairie School designs, the house is based on the plans that were published in The Ladies Home Journal as "A Fireproof House for $5,000".

With only three owners since it was built, the house has been beautifully preserved, with its orginal character intact.

From "A Fireproof House for $5,000:

No attic, no "butler's pantry," no back stairway have bneen planned; they would be unnecessarily cumbersome in this scheme, which is trimmed to the last ounce of the superfluous. A closet on the level of the stair landing takes care of trunks and suit-cases, and a dry, well-lighted basement storeroom cares for whatever doesn't classify in the various closets. The open kitchen, with pantry conveniences built into it, is more pleasant and as useful as the complement of kitchen, kitchen pantry and "butler's pantry." Access to the stairs from the kitchen is sufficiently private at all times, and the front door may easily reached from the kitchen without passing through the living-room.

Ten years later, Hunt bought a second Wright house, this time an American System-Built housedOshkosh, Wisconsin.