Frank Lloyd Wright's Birthday

To celebrate, here's a gift: Virginia Terry Boyd's aritcle "Designing an American Way of Living" from the Winter 2006 issue of the Frank Lloyd Wright Quarterly can be read or downloaded in PDF format from the website of International Arts & Artists, the non-profit organiation that helps museums organize traveling exhibitions, including "Frank Lloyd Wright and the House Beautiful" in 2006.

The article is excellent. It's a compact but detailed look at Wright's principles and execution of interior design throughout his career. The article begins the origin the House Beautiful movement and details Wright's appllication of those ideas through the Prairie School period and the adaptations he made for his Usonian houses and his collaboration with manufacturers to take his ideas into the mass market. Wright's ideas on how to make a home are key to understanding his work; this is essential reading.

The article is a pretty good example of the content of The Frank Lloyd Wright Quarterly, which is a member benefit of The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation; if you aren't a supporter, you should be. Joing the organization that protects and extends Wright's legacy would be a great gift to give back to Wright on his birthday.