Off Topic, But not by That Much

Two items for a quiet Sunday morning:

Urban Giants

Here is an 8 minute documentary on two telecommunications building built in New York City just before the Depression -- buildings still being used for thier original purpose more than 80 yeas later.

Urban Giants from Telx on Vimeo.

(via Kottke)

Becker on the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art

Seven years ago, Lynn Becker was a fierce opponent of the plan to move the Chicago Children's Musuem to a new building built in Grant Park. He was part of a loud chorus of opposition that beat back a powerful mayor and well-funded public relations campaign. His article written for the Chicago Reader presented a wide-ranging, well-researched argument against the relocation.

But he's defending the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art's proposed location on the lakefront. He lays out solid reasons for tentatively supporting the location and a list of serious questions that should be anwswered before the project progresses. He also links to the high-profile critics of the plan, offering a help introduction to the controversy.