Jewel in the Woods -- New Documentary on the Seth Peterson Cottage

The Jewel in the Woods is a forthcoming, independant documentary about one Wright's smallest works.

This cottage was the dream of Seth Peterson, a man who loved architecture, who dreamed of having his own Frank Lloyd Wright masterpiece. After Peterson's death, and after the cottage had changed hands, it fell into a state of horrible disrepair... and was considered to be a total loss. If not for the work of a very small group of true believers, the cottage would have disappeared entirely. But years of dedication and fundraising saved the cottage. Much like the proverbial Phoenix, it rose from the ashes. And now, it is truly a "Jewel in the Woods."

Curbed has an article on the film and the cottage that's worth reeading, even if you aren't interested in the film

The film will be released later in June, but you can pre-order the HD digital download now. You can view the film's trailer here.