See You in a Week!

We're leaving this morning for Buffalo and Niagara Falls, New York. Posting will be light to non-existant for the next week -- There will be photos (note to new-ish readers: do not get your hopes up: I'm a bad, bad photographer). Graycliff is not on the itinerary; the 14-year-old boy will be at his limit for tolerating Mom and Dad's architectural whimsy after Darwim Martin, the Larkin site and downtown Buffalo. Since the trip is doing double-duty as the last family vacation before he goes to high school, we'll save Graycliff for a long weekend in the fall (note: not actually goonig to happen since the trip is actually doning triple duty as last-vacation-while-I-have-a-decent-paying-job; long story, so you should buy me a beer sometime and ask for the details).

If you are at Darwin Martin this week, look for the guy with the Toledo Mud Hens hat and say "hi".